Gait and movement analysis lab

Gait training is not simply re-educating a patient on how to walk, but also includes an initial assessment of their gait cycle, creation of a plan to address the problem, as well as teaching the patient on how to walk on different surfaces. One of the best Gait Training Department in India we are using rehab tread mill, Unveighing system, sealing mounted harnless and other agility training equipments

Walking is complex and difficult to analyse visually. Gait analysis allows specific assessment of walking patterns. Similarly, some aspects of hand and arm function are difficult to observe visually.

One of the best Gait Training Department in Kerala  have specialized gait analysis lab, with the help of motion analysis technology and experts, we will help you to find out problems and re-educate.One of the best Physiotherapy Center in India have major role in Gait and balancing