Pediatric Rehabilitation

Being one of the top physiotherapy Center in Kerala, Moveaze holistic approach to the pediatric rehabilitation is entirely different from the conventional methods of treatment. We are working with the patient and family to improve cognitive and/or physical function, mobility, healing and independence with Sensory Integration Department, NDT Department, Hydrotherapy, Gait & Balance Training Units, Speech Therapy and Special Education. Those combinations are effectively applying to the patients for best result. Since one of the best Paediatric Physiotherapy Center in India we believes each child has an abundance of ability to recover from his dependency or cognitive decline. Moveaze is discovering, lifting up and makes it real their dreams..!

The state of the art pediatric rehabilitation clinic at Moveaze provides a holistic therapeutic environment for children of all ages.Our goal through rehabilitation programs is to ensure that your child receives the right services and he/she is independentBeing one of the top Paediatric physiotherapy Center in Kozhikode our staff is specially trained in pediatric care. A unique team consisting many rehabilitation specialists will collaborate to provide developmentally appropriate care that meets all aspects of your child’s health and psycho-social needs. Moveaze pediatric rehabilitation unit is competitive and up to date with worlds top most methods of pediatric rehabilitation.

Team work of our dedicated and skilled physios will produce the optimum results for your child through advanced techniques.Our experts will take care the below conditions effectively